How to thrive during the holiday countdown

We'll be sharing tips to get the most out of the holiday season and ease into the new year so you enJOY the holidays and create new habits that you will want carry into the new year. 

These are ideas that have us looking forward to kicking off the season!

~ First things first. Start with you by including a new ritual into your bath or shower routine. It could be adding bath salts or diffusing essential oils or spraying eucalyptus oil for a spa feel. Blow bubbles or have a glass of wine. In the tub. You could do a face mask before bed.

~ Start early with holiday planning, earlier than you think is necessary, before you feel any pressure. For example, get your stamps now before the lines get longer at the post office. Create your holiday list or menu now and get some of the errands done so you don’t have to go out of your way later to do them.

~ What is a favorite holiday memory or tradition you have? Next time you talk with a friend or family member, tell them about it as a way to transition into the holiday mood and to focus on what warms your heart or makes you laugh during this season .

~ Set a ritual around writing holiday cards. Light a candle, make yourself tea and send love to each person as you think of their name when addressing a card to them. Or sit in your favorite coffee shop to write cards.

~ Helping someone else will get you feeling that holiday spirit very quickly. This is the holiday spirit in action and it's win-win. Do you have an expertise you can share? For example, I have been tutoring a friend who is studying physical therapy (my profession in a past life.) Even though I have forgotten a lot of information, I know enough to help her. When you open your heart and mind with the intention of helping another, an opportunity will appear. We can all lean on each other and help another.

~ While you are at it getting the decorations out, sort through a couple of other boxes you have stored and cull. Have it as a goal to get some stuff out of your home. This need only take 10 minutes. The relief and lift you feel when lightening your storage of possessions is a gift to yourself. There is very likely something you haven't used and haven’t missed that you can get rid of.

~ Part of gift giving is brainstorming ways to show others we care about them. Please add yourself to the list! Write your name down. It need not be a physical gift that you give yourself, it could be giving yourself mental space for 5 minutes to sit and do nothing! 

Another option of something to give yourself is making a vision board. If you've been following us a while, you know we are vision board fans. How about carving out an hour to make a vision board (instead of watching a TV show)? Magazines, scissors and a large piece of paper are all you need to get you visualizing what you want in your life. Dare to dream big, cut out images that show what you want and put them together into a collage.

I show myself self-care by wearing theatomikbomb Gloves whenever I drive to protect that delicate skin on the tops of hands. I keep one pair in a cupholder in my car. This is a simple and effective way to get an emotional lift while protecting my hands.

~ When holiday prep is in full throttle, set a timer for every 2 hours as a cue to stop and take several deep breaths. If you notice you are very stressed when you tune in, take this as an opportunity to gift yourself an extra 5 minutes to meditate or sit and look around you as you simply focus on inhaling and exhaling slowly. 


élise/theatomikbomb Founder


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